Wine collections: protecting your luxury assets

Wine collections are increasing popular, and can be one of the most rewarding avenues of investing. Whether you collect wine for pleasure or investment purposes, it’s essential to ensure you protect your collection effectively.

Create an inventory

  • Make sure you keep all the original documentation including receipts
  • Create copies of all the original documentation and store these securely online
  • Take photos of your most valuable wine bottles or those with unique marks
  • Track values and get regular appraisals – a wine-appraisal specialist will be able to value your collection accurately. Speak to your insurance broker and see if this can be offered via your insurance company


  • Decide whether you will store all your collection at home or use a specialist wine storage facility
  • Bottles should always be stored on their side and away from sunlight. If you’re storing wine at home keep it a cellar or an electric wine cooler with suitable insulation – the ideal temperature range for wine storage is between 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Wine racks should be made of unfinished wood

Insuring Your Wine

  • The first step to insuring your wine is to talk with your insurance broker and consult with them as to how best to cover your collection. It is worthwhile speaking to a specialist broker who understands the nature of wine insurance, as you may not be protected under a standard home contents policy
  • Ask detailed questions to ensure that your wine is covered on an all-risk basis, and check whether your insurers have applied any terms to your policy coverage
  • Having an accurate inventory with an up-to-date value will help you and your insurance broker understand your insurance needs and helps you manage your collection in the event that bottles become damaged. It is a way to avoid being under-insured.

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