Sponsorship of Cotswold Airport Polo Team

Stackhouse Poland is pleased to sponsor the Cotswold Airport Polo Team for 2018 – 2019. The Cotswold Airport Polo Team is highly regarded within the sport, and the world’s number one female polo player, Nina Clarkin, occasionally plays for the team.

Cotswold Airport is the largest privately owned airport in Europe and unlike most general aviation airports the runway can take large passenger carrying aircraft. The airport is also used by many high profile clients, including members of the royal family. Chief Executive Officer, Suzannah Harvey, plays for the Cotswold Airport Polo Team.

The team regularly compete in the Cotswold area, and will be based at Beaufort Polo Club from next year. Beaufort Polo Club is the home of the England team. As part of the sponsorship, the team wear Stackhouse Poland branded livery, and the team vehicle also features the Stackhouse Poland logo.

Polo is the world’s oldest ball sport, originating from 600 BC. The name polo comes from ‘pulu’, which is the willow root that Tibetan polo balls were made from. From its origins in Tibet the game of polo spread through Asia and became popular in India. British tea planters and soldiers then brought the game to the UK, and the first polo match was played in the UK in 1871.