Medical Malpractice

Medical professional indemnity insurance (or medical malpractice insurance) is a mandatory requirement for certain healthcare professionals operating in the private sector. For the likes of doctors and surgeons who work outside the cover of Crown Indemnity, the General Medical Council (GMC) requires them to have “adequate insurance or indemnity cover so that patients will not be disadvantaged if they make a claim about the clinical care that they provide”. All medical practitioners, trainees and consultants should have professional indemnity. In the event of a claim, if a practitioner doesn’t have such cover, their licence may be removed.

Medical professional indemnity insurance, or medical malpractice insurance, protects against claims arising in respect of medical malpractice or negligence – including claims of bodily injury, disease or death, and mental and psychological damage to patients from physical procedures and/or advice. It also covers civil claims of breach of duty during practice. Cover indemnifies the practitioner for legal costs of defending an action as well as any subsequent damages.

Medical professional indemnity can be accessed via medical defence organisations, but the cover provided is discretionary, meaning that there is no guarantee that any claim will be accepted or paid.

The MPI Group – specialist medical professional indemnity insurance and medico-legal advice for surgeons



The MPI Group, a division of Stackhouse Poland, provides specialist, bespoke medical professional indemnity insurance coupled with 24/7 medico-legal support, for surgeons in independent practice.

The professional indemnity cover provided is in the form of a commercial insurance policy. As such, it’s contractual (not discretionary), giving the surgeon the peace of mind that, as long as they abide by the terms and conditions of their policy, it will respond in the event of a valid claim.

The medico-legal service is led by a lawyer with over twenty years’ experience in advising doctors, offering guidance through medical malpractice claims and other professional accountability issues, including management of complaints, GMC hearings and other disciplinary issues and ethical issues. For example:

  • GMC and NHS disciplinary
  • Public liability
  • HMRC tax investigation
  • Criminal matters
  • Breach of confidence
  • Misuse of information
  • Invasion of right to privacy
  • Public disclosure of private facts
  • Protection of reputation

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