Leasehold Reform – new report

The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has published a report today on Leasehold Reform, following an inquiry into the leasehold sector. The departmental select committee is chaired by Clive Betts and is comprised of eleven MPS.

The Committee considered evidence from a number of stakeholders, including leaseholder representatives, Members of Parliament, developers, freeholders, managing agents, social housing sector representatives, the Leasehold Advisory Service, solicitors’ representatives, legal experts, the Law Commission and the Government.

Leaseholder concerns included:

  • Onerous ground rents, which are disproportionate to the value of a home
  • High and unclear service charges and one-off bills
  • Unfair permission charges
  • Tribunal costs
  • Inadequate advisory services
  • Costs to extend leases

The 108-page report covers five key areas:

  • Future of leasehold tenure
  • Accusations of mis-selling
  • Onerous lease terms
  • Services charges, one-off bills and dispute mechanisms
  • Enfranchisement

The report contains a number of conclusions and recommendations, and identifies several issues for further review. Our Real Estate team are currently considering the implications of the report, and will be commenting on key aspects of the report in due course.