GDPR panel: the changing face of data protection

Hannah Fry, our Head of Risk and Compliance, joined a panel of speakers on 23 November to discuss the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the changing face of data protection. The event was held at One Great George Street, Westminster.

The other participants were Cindy Paul, Group Head of Data Protection at Vitality Heath, Claire Ginnelly, Managing Director at Premier Choice Group, Steve Mills, Founder of The Prudent Marketeer and Garreth Cameron, Group Manager, Policy & Engagement at the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

GDPR represents the biggest reforms to data protection law in a generation, and the new legislation will take effect in May 2018. The event began with Garreth Cameron, from the ICO, explaining why we have new data protection laws coming into force, and the key changes for organisations. He also clarified which aspects of the current data protection laws will remain.

The expert panel discussed the forthcoming changes to data protection, and the new responsibilities for organisations relating to how they use, process and store personal data. Topics covered included information security, consent mechanisms, the right to be ‘forgotten’ and the ability to demonstrate compliance. The debate concluded with a question and answer session, where a series of questions were taken from attendees.

Download the press release from the event by clicking here.