English Indoor Bowling Association

Whether you own or rent your club building, you need some degree of property insurance.

We asked EIBA (English Indoor Bowling Association) member clubs what they would value from the EIBA’s insurance partners. We have honed our club insurance offering to respond to the issues that concern you.

As well as damage to buildings and contents (from carpets to bowls shoes), the insurance policy includes the following bespoke covers and benefits:

  • Up to £2000 emergency pay-out for repairs to suspended ceilings
  • Costs incurred if a tournament or event (whether at your club or away) is cancelled
  • Relocation to a temporary venue so you can keep playing in the event your green can’t be used, including up to £5000 for you to use another club’s facilities
  • Theft of or damage to members’ bowling kit left in the club lockers

Importantly, while the above covers are included as standard, we will take the time to understand your particular requirements and tailor the policy to fit your needs and budget.

Personal service – and tailored policies

We are very happy to come and visit you at your club to talk about your requirements face to face.

Download our brochure to find out more.