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Cyber Security landscape for SMEs – report

We are delighted to publish our report on the Cyber Security landscape for SMEs in the UK today, following a nationwide survey of over 1,000 participants.

With major data breaches, Cyber-attacks and changes in data legislation dominating the news over the last 12 months, the topic of Cyber is one that is of growing interest and concern to UK businesses.

Much of what is reported is focused on large companies and the statistics that are often quoted from various surveys and reports tend to be specific to larger organisations.  To understand the scale of the threat to SME’s and the understanding and preparedness of owner managed businesses and smaller organisations Stackhouse Poland have produced the attached Cyber Report specific to smaller organisations.

Chris Lennon, Co-Chair of the Stackhouse Poland Cyber National Practice Group, said, “With feedback from over 1000 survey respondents, this is one of the most relevant SME surveys on the topic of cyber and highlights that the risk to UK SME’s is real and significant!  We have also concluded that there is much to do in order to educate businesses, and raise awareness of the threats that exist.

Better awareness, training and process is needed and this needs to be simplified to cut through the shroud of mystery that surrounds cyber for UK business owners.  Knowing what to do and what not to do in the event of a cyber loss is crucial and the majority of businesses aren’t aware how Cyber insurance can solve that conundrum and that premiums are very reasonable”.

With an established Cyber National Practice Group, the Stackhouse Poland team are market leaders in the SME space and committed to raising awareness and sharing thought leadership and content.

Read the report by clicking here or on the image below.


Cyber Security Report - Stackhouse Poland


See some of the key insights in our infographic:

Cyber risks for SMEs

Cyber report