Cyber Liability

Cyber liability insurance protects you from any liabilities that might arise as a consequence of a cyber attack or breach, and for any losses your business experiences as a consequence, for example IT, legal or regulatory costs.

Most commercial insurance policies now include an element of cyber liability insurance. But it can be quite difficult to get to grips with exactly what you’re covered for – especially when you’re not necessarily aware of all of the ways in which you are exposed. And, because there is little commonality between one policy and another, it can be difficult to compare like for like.

That’s where a broker can deliver invaluable help. It’s our role to truly understand your business and help identify the types of cyber risks you may be exposed to, and then ensure you’re adequately insured (and, equally, not over-insured).

Stackhouse Poland won Best Commercial Broker at the British Insurance Awards  2018 (recognising our unique and innovative approach to cyber) and was shortlisted as Cyber Broker of the Year at the UK Broker Awards 2018.

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