Feature in Business Innovation magazine

We have been featured in the May issue of Business Innovation magazine, in a special supplement on Regional House Building.

Stackhouse Poland has specialist expertise in the construction sector, and our considerable experience gives us a real understanding of the challenges faced by the industry. The supplement looks at the key issues facing house building in the UK, and includes three articles with viewpoints from our experts.


New approaches to house building

Marcus Saunders, Construction Practice Specialist at Stackhouse Poland, shares his views on how land shortages in the UK have resulted in a more imaginative approach to building.

“Land shortage and planning permission issues have created a more imaginative approach to building development, resulting in more redevelopment of existing commercial, industrial as well as residential properties” said Marcus Saunders

Technology is changing the construction process, and the increase in modular building is changing perceptions on the lifecycle of a building.

“If a building is quick and cheap to build the financiers/fund managers can achieve a much quicker ROI and buildings could be built with a finite lifespan, knowing they can be disassembled in a few years and replaced,” said Marcus.

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Collaborative housing projects on the rise

Mark Taylor, Head of Public Sector at Stackhouse Poland, talks about how collaborative housing projects are gaining popularity in the UK, as the number of council developments built on former government sites is increasing.

Larger developments need to be supported by effective infrastructure and local amenities such as schools, retail and commercial outlets, so collaboration makes sense.

“Collaboration helps with planning permission and co-operation. However newly-formed development companies create additional risk exposures relating to complicated legal structures, stakeholders, unclear corporate governance responsibilities, contractual risk exposures and supply chain issues,” said Mark Taylor

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Graven Hill Development

A former military base at Bicester in Oxfordshire will be the UK’s largest self-build and custom-build development. When complete, Graven Hill will be home to 1,900 homes, and Cherwell District Council, owner of The Graven Hill development company, has been promoting the benefits of self-build and custom-build.

“We are receiving more enquiries for our new-build/self-build insurance along with requests for our Protek Self-Build Warranty insurance covers which assist with mortgages and building regulation requirements,” said Marcus Saunders.

“Self-build/custom-build projects increases opportunities for smaller builders which tend to use the more modern construction techniques, in particular modular/timber frame. Often the proportion of self-build will extend beyond the government driven 15 per cent quota,” Marcus added.

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