Caprica Healthcare

Caprica Healthcare provides Private Medical Insurance advice to the individual, business and corporate sector. Through a free consultation service, potential clients are able to take advantage of an independent market review of existing policies during the life of the policy or at the time of renewal.

Because we operate independently, and because we have access to the major insurers policies in the marketplace, we are best-placed to negotiate renewal terms with a current insurer, or to provide suitable, cost-effective alternatives, should the need arise. Our consultation visits are free by virtue of the fact that our fees are met by the insurers (this in no way affects the premiums paid by our clients), so some businesses may benefit from the face-to-face advice offered by our Consultants, free of charge.

Caprica Healthcare offers an independent, comprehensive, face-to-face PMI policy review process. The duration of a typical consultation is 20 – 30mins throughout which our consultant will discuss and analyse client requirements to produce a bespoke PMI solution targeted specifically to suit identified needs on an individual or corporate basis.